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Note: We are aware of a couple of issues and are working on resolving these, however if you find any problems that persist that aren't mentioned below, or equally if you have any questions about using the site, please contact us here webmaster@mechanical-botanical.com.

This page is designed to help you get the most out of using our site, the topics below should help answer most questions.

Our web site may not work properly unless you have one of the latest browsers. Modern browsers are a good idea for many reasons, they conform with all the latest web standards and offer you much better security when browsing web sites online. We recommend either Firefox version 3 or Internet Explorer version 8.

Update Your Browser
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Loading Times

If you're experiencing slow loading times on our web site this may be because you have a slow internet connection, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help. This web site has been developed to load as quickly as possible however because of the rich content on this site such as pictures and video some pages can take a while to load. To get the best out of this site we recommend you go to the homepage and let it load completely (your browser should say something like 'Done' down the bottom right of your screen). The home page loads a number of things in the background making navigating other pages on our site easier.

The Menu Bar

The menu bar on our web site can take a while to load however once it has loaded once it will appear instantly on consecutive pages. Because of the potentially slow loading time a loading animation is put in it's place to show that something is happening. We do have one known problem in that on occasions this loading graphic does not disappear once everything has loaded, if this happens refresh your browser and the page will display correctly. We are working on a permanent fix for this issue.

Interactive Range Sheets

To view our products you will need to look at our interactive range sheets for those using a modern browser they will feature enlarged rollover images that offer basic information about the machine clicking on it will take you to that particular machines product page.

Product Page

All of our product pages have a number of features, they all feature a small image of the machine at the top left of the page, bullet points about the machine at the top right of the page. Underneath the bullet points are various buttons. The leaflet button is a link to download a leaflet on the machine in question. The video button will open up a small window and display the video inside it (see below for more information). The technical drawing button opens up a window that displays a technical drawing of the machine. The spec button brings up a specification table about the machine. The 'i' information button opens up a window showing our contact form (see below for more information).



When you click on the video button on a product page a small window will open up containing the product video, the video should start automatically. If you wish to see the video larger there is a 'full screen' button located at the bottom right of the video window. The video on this web site is in flash format, this is a widely used video format that uses Adobe Flash Player, flash is used on many web sites for a variety of purposes. If the videos on this web site are not working probably it may be because you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed or you have an outdated version, you can download the latest version here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Contact Form

On all of our product pages and on our contact page is a contact form. This is an easy way for you to contact us and tell us what your interested in, the information you enter into the form is not shared with anyone else. If you think you sent a form and think you made a mistake then just enter it again. You can only send two information requests from any one computer per day, this is to stop spamming of the website.

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