400 Range - For High Demands

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Haaga 400 Range - For High Demands

In the case of areas larger than 200 m² and a weekly use of more than 4 hours you should choose one of our 400 sweeping machines. The Turbo sweeping machines 477 and 497 sweep up all kinds of materials. Large wheels and ball-bearing drives make them sweeping professionals. The 400 series also features the spiral sweeping roll brush, for sweeping fine dirt and dust. All of the 400 models are also available with the ‘Profi-Line’ configuration, which includes dirt protected gears, flexible rubber seals for dust free operation, ergonomic handle and higher cleaning performance.

Haaga 476 PL Haaga 497 PL

Haaga 497 PL Haaga 497 PL

Haaga 497 PL Haaga 497 PL

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Haaga 476 | Haaga 497

Sweeping Width:_
_77cm | 97cm
Sweeping Capacity:_
_2860m2/hr | 3600m2/hr
_16kg | 18kg
Container Volume:_
_50ltr | 50ltr
Electric Drive:_
_No | No
_Yes | Yes

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