600 Range - For Professional Use

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Haaga 600 Range - For Professional Use

The robust and solid Haaga 600 series is the only series of sweeping machines with motorised and manual operation. It is always ready for use, the sweeper can still be pushed with ease even with a discharged battery. The motorised brush drive ensures excellent cleaning performance even in corners and is extremely easy to push. The machines can sweep wet and dry leaves, stones and cans easily and efficiently. Optimal container filling is obtained thanks to the overhead sweeping roll. The sweeping pressure of the circular brushes and the sweeping roll can be adjusted with the push of one button. The sophisticated, belt free, air duet system with dust filters and sealing lips enable dust-free sweeping.

Haaga 670 Sweeper Haaga 670 Sweeper

Haaga 696 Sweeper Haaga 696 Sweeper

Haaga 696 Sweeper Haaga 696 Sweeper

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Haaga 670 | Haaga 696

Sweeping Width:_
_77cm | 97cm
Sweeping Capacity:_
_3400m2/hr | 4100m2/hr
_19kg | 21kg
Container Volume:_
_50ltr | 50ltr
Electric Drive:_
_Yes | Yes
_Yes | Yes

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