Willburg Bark Topper
Willburg Bark Topper
Leaflet Full Specification

Willburg Bark Topper

This is a unique system that rotates the pots at a predetermined speed to evenly distribute bark or Bio Top™ to the required depth.

The 7 variable speed motors enable you to individually control speed, rotation, and material flow at rates up to 5000 pots per hour. This means minimum recycling and precise distribution without having to vibrate the pot.

The machine is of solid, durable construction built to give many years hard service. Topping your pots will prevent weed growth and moss formation, giving a good presentation, saving time and money at despatch.

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Willburg Bark Topper Full Specification

Pot Size:_
_9-27cm ∅
_5000 pots/h
Hopper Capacity:_
Power Supply:_
_Three Phase
Transport Dimensions (LxWxH):_
_2.5m x 1.3m x 2.0m

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